Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools & BEDA 01

I used to love April 1st as a child. It was an opportunity to play some fun little pranks on people I knew and a minefield of things to go through to try to see where the retaliation would come from. I now *hate* April Fools.

In the digital age, it's 24 hours where I can't trust anything I see or hear, because I know it's now just an excuse for everyone to lie. I'm pretty much just avoiding the internet today. Which does not make BEDA any easier.

What is BEDA? Maureen Johnson, as a way to promote her new book and interact with the fans a bit more, decided it would be a good idea to hold an event where she will blog everyday for the month of April, hence, BEDA=Blog Every Day April. I know, your mind is blown.

She announced it and the snowball launched downhill, grabbing passersby like a hyped-up Katamari cut loose on its own. For some reason, we've all decided it would be a good idea to follow along like the weak-minded, little sheep that we are. So, the list keeps growing for people that will blog or vlog everyday in April.

As you might have been able to gleen from this whole thing, I, too, will be attempting to do the BEDA and will blog everyday in April. Today is going to be one of the least interesting days, since, as I previously stated, I'm pretty much avoiding the internet so I don't have to deal with the tsunami of false information and stupid statements that people believe are actually pranks.

I'm off to watch some CSI:NY and drink some orange soda. Let's see if I make it the full 30.

Hesitantly optomistic,
Anthony Harris

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