Sunday, April 12, 2009

BEDA 12: My Birthday

Happy Easter everyone!

Yes, I know I'm fairly late in the day to start wishing you all a Happy Easter, but I just got home, so you're just gonna have to deal with it.

Today is my birthday. I spent most of it working and oh, how fun that was.

Kinda figured it would be dead today, considering the holiday and all, but I forgot to factor in the lonely/angry people home with broken televisions who would seize the opportunity to turn their call in to my job as a way to vent all their frustrations with the world. Really, there's nothing like spending the lion's share of your birthday getting yelled at by miserable people who need to make you miserable because they can't watch the show they were apathetic to until their damn set went out.


After work, I went out with some friends to 3 Margaritas and had some decent Mexican cuisine. Went from there back to my friend's house, Larry, to be specific, gabbed about some random crap, and watched the first few episodes of an anime I hadn't seen called Comic Party. It's kind of a kookie show, but it's something I think I could really enjoy, you know, *being* an aspiring comic book artist and all.

My brain is on scramble, so I think that's all you get today. Hopefully, I'll be with the witty again tomorrow.

Older and Bolder,

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  1. OLDIE!
    Not that I actually know how old you are. But I bet you're older than me. EVERYONE is older than me. Stupid summer birthday... grar...