Sunday, April 5, 2009

BEDA 05: Want a Cookie?

Sitting down everyday to write is really fun.

My favorite part of BEDA is that I get so much new material to read everyday. Bits and pieces of peoples lives, laid bare on the screen before me. My only problem with this whole thing is a simple conclusion that I've come to: Everyone else's lives are more interesting than mine.

You start going through the BEDA list and you find all of these stories about people you've never met. It's amazing how inundated I am with information about people's likes/loves, their families, their dreams, their annoyances, their daily what-have-you, and how almost all of these stories are infinitely more engrossing and engaging than my own.

So, I sit down, vomit out whatever mildly entertaining thing I can think of, and cheer for myself, having come away with another facile victory.

"Hey, you put words in order and said something almost witty. Congratulations! You want a cookie?"

Actually, now I really do want a cookie. I believe I'll drown my sorrows in chocolate now.

Till tomorrow,

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