Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BEDA 14: Pajamas.

Tomorrow, I am having the windshield on my car replaced. As much as I "enjoyed" the giant, Cheshire cat smile of a crack that greeted me every morning, it will be nice to have that not be an issue anymore. I will be stuck in the house for hours waiting for the people to arrive and then for them to do the actual work. I should be drawing during that time, but I will, more than likely, just end up watching Hulu in my pajamas, gorging myself on peeps, and devouring what's left of the chocolate bunny whose previously happy expression now looks like a sad, worried one, constantly staring up at the decimated remains of his giant, chocolate ears.

Didn't really do much of interest today. Mike and I grabbed a pizza from Nicolo's, some tater tots, soda, & Killians from the grocery store, retired back to his place to watch Flash Point, and then, manly violence-loving levels raised sufficiently, pummeled each other senseless for awhile in Dead of Alive 4. Some days, I feel like an adult, others, I feel like a 15-year-old kid playing dress up.

Artwise, I'm working on getting some layouts done to help out a friend for his comic. I'm playing around with a few of the characters and concepts I've created to see if anything is sparking any real interest in something to play with to get myself drawing, but lately I just seem to be drawing ninjas all the time.

"Ninjas?!?" Some of you say, ears perking up like a certain holiday rabbit before he met the business end of my mouth.


Is there a non-business end of my mouth? Is there a spot in there meant for lounging around, sipping Mint Juleps, and cooling myself with fluorescent-colored fans adorned with quaint Chinese, cherry blossom covered scenes of nature in broad ink brushstrokes?

I digress...

Where was I? Oh yes, Ninjas! I've been wanting to play with Ninjas in a sci-fi setting for awhile now and I think I might just have to do something with that. I'll see about scanning some of this stuff in the near future, give you folks a taste of things to come.

Seriously, though, do all my interests really have to do with people being in their pajamas?


Till Tomorrow,

(Yes, I know, this post is boring. Sometimes, you have to read the boring ones to make the others seem more interesting than they truly are.)

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