Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BEDA 21: The one where I missed a day

Let's tell you about my day yesterday, since I passed out almost immediately after getting home and didn't *gasp* get my blog done. Worked from 4:45 am till about 3 pm then went home for a quick shower since I was meeting my mom for dinner. Mom treated me to a belated birthday dinner at a place called Thai Basil. Food was, as I'd heard, very good, but spicy as all hell.

After that, I went and saw Crank High Voltage with my friend, Larry. We both decided we had fun but that Crank 2 is a horrible movie. I don't even know how to describe it, it's like a 13-year-old boy got his wet dreams made into a Hollywood movie. It's 1 part video game made live action, 1 part nudity and gore, 1 part Looney Tunes cartoon, and 4 parts HORRIBLE FREAKING MOVIE!!! Got home around 11pm and, after that movie, my brain was so fried, I just laid down and passed out.

Today was my day off. I * should* have gone in to work to get a couple extra hours in, but I really can't make myself go there every day of the week. That's how crazy people become crazy, or so I've decided in order to justify the fact I completely blew it off. Not sleeping right lately, I'm just hoping this isn't going to turn into another bout of insomnia. Bah, my brain is mush.

Moving on as music week continues. I should warn you, my taste in music is wide and varied. I listen to pretty much everything from Misfits to Muppets. Some of it you may like, some of it may make you drop kick a panda... or something... I don't know, don't look at me, you're the one reacting so strangely to new music as to drop kick a defenseless creature, it's even on the endangered species list. Shame on you...

Anyway, on to the music.

Song of the Day: Xavier Nadoo & RZA - I've Never Seen

"So, what song are we listening to today?"
"'I've Never Seen.' It's a love song by the RZA and Xavier Nadoo"
"A love song? By the RZA?"
"Wu-Tang RZA?"
"Just shut up and listen to the track."

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  1. The muppets are love. Did you see Crank 1 its basically the same way you described Crank 2 but I LOVED it. Normally I hate movies like this, but I watched with my brother who told me the movie was amazing, mainly because it's HYSTERICAL. So I think if you don't take it seriously and view all the ridiculous outlandish situations as comedy it's enjoyable. Plus the special effects and actions scenes were insanely awesome.