Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BEDA 08: Closets?

While on the chat over at today, I mentioned not knowing what I was going to blog about. Allison suggested/demanded I speak about closets, so that's what you get. Blame her if you feel I have wasted your time and you are looking for someone to blame/maim.

Actually, at first, she mentioned that I should blog about doorknobs on closets, but, seeing as my closet does not *have* doorknobs, things had to be modified a bit.

My closet is two slabs of door-sized wood, suspended from a track in the ceiling, where they should slide back and forth, allowing access to my clothes, books, and various things that have accumulated in a pyramid shape behind said door. However, the doors are basically broken at this point, and now they just mock me everytime I try to get around them to access the flotsam therein.

They sway at my touch, clack together loudly, reminiscent of the sound of hyenas laughing. Sometimes, they slide too far too easily and I end up giving myself a heart attack as they slam into the wall at speeds reserved for stealth aircraft carrying out missions of great importance. Once, one of the doors came off the track entirely, rebounded spastically in the frame, landed on my big toe, and toppled over on my head. It was not worth my getting a different colored shirt from beyond it's wicked depths, as most people who saw me that day noticed only that I limped awkwardly and had a line-lump going across the left side of my face.

Anyway, this has been a blog about my closet doors. I apologize if you are contemplating violent action against anyone involved in the making of this blog *coughallisoncough*

Seriously, though, they're freaking closet doors. What do you want from me, Shakespeare? You all expect too much.


Till Next Time,

P.S. Elayne, the other half of the pair who convinced me that I should blog about my closet doors, has insinuated that I may have slighted her by not mentioning that she is also to blame for this post existing. Apparently, her computer failing and closing out everything she was doing, directly after reading this blog I might add, was not enough karmic retribution for her and she would like her share of the blame. Allison also seems happy with the idea of not going down for this by herself, so here ya go.

Elayne is also to blame for this blog. Go read her blog/mock her @ her blog

Also, Allison would appreciate it if you did not maim her. Her blog here


  1. YESSSSS!!!!

    Closet door ARE evil. Which is why I got rid of mine and installed a shower curtain. Much less violent.

    You are awesome. I am quite possibly in love with you. Even though you told people to maim me.