Friday, April 17, 2009

BEDA 17: The one where I cheat

You know, sometimes, the actual chats you have online are better than anything you could sit down to write. So, today I cheat give you chat dialogue here on my BEDA Blog. (Some of it has been edited down for length, but it's all basically there)

Anthony: You're 11?!?
Nadia: Yes. Does that surprise you?
Anthony: Yes
Nadia: Why?
Anthony:Because I am old, and this whole "community of readers" thing means that I can't tell age anymore, everyone is fairly intelligent and interesting , it breaks my stereotypes!
Anthony: How will I live without my preconceived notions? *weep*
Nadia: Oh. Well I'm sorry.
Anthony: *sniffle* s'okay
Nadia: I suppose you'll have to make new notions
Anthony: Bah! Can't I just assume you're all actually aliens who have taken human form and infiltrated the lives of average human beings across the globe? It's far less radical a theory, and far less work for me...
Nadia: Well of course you can assume!
Anthony: Sweet!
Nadia: Really, its not that far off,
Nadia: Really, its not that far off.
Nadia: Oops, double post
Anthony: Note to self: Aliens now double posting in chat to spam out the *actual* human chat therein. Chat rooms potential weapon against invasion?
Nadia: Chatrooms?
Nadia: No way!
Nadia: Aliens are SO beyond that!
Nadia: They go for elevator and plane conversations
Anthony: Note to self: Aliens a little *too* fast to discredit chatroom weapon efficiency. Look into ways to weaponize idle chatter online in future.
Anthony: Note to self: Also, buy socks.
Nadia: Ha ha
Nadia: Why buy socks when we all know the SockEwoks are just going to take them once in the dryer?
Anthony: NOOO! Sockwoks = fear!
Nadia: Note: Aliens have changed subject to SockEwoks
Nadia: Don't worry, you're more afraid of them than they are of you.
Anthony: Oh, *phew* Was scared for a mo- wait a minute...
Nadia: Ha ha! I was hoping you'd notice.
Nadia: But it's true. The SockEwoks will show NO. MERCY.
Anthony: No Mercy? -->

Nadia: AH!!!!!!!!!

At which point, my interest in the conversation was pretty much over. I mean, really, how often do you get to subject people to music such as this? Also, at that point I decided it was time to do something productive with my night, like copy/paste the conversation over into my blog and lament that this is my life...


Anyway, that is my cheat blog for the day. Mainly, I'm just trying to avoid thinking about having to drive thru the slush, ice, and snow on the way to work in the morning. I ended up in a ditch a couple weeks ago during a blizzard have been kind of gun-shy about driving in the snow since.

Till tomorrow,

P.S. In case you are wondering, Nadia is a real person. You can find Nadia over on the Maureen Johnson Ning. Nadia said she was cool with me cheating blogging our chat for my post today.

P.S.S. Hello to my BEDA Buddies: Madam Rosmerta, Nicholas Schroeder, and Jessie! Here's hoping we have fun over the next few weeks, and you, you know, don't all gang up to have me committed...

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