Sunday, April 19, 2009

BEDA 19: Sia - Breathe Me

So, for something a little different, I decided I shall post a bit about my favorite music this week.

As this is the first post, I am going to dedicate this whole blog to one of my favorite songs, but the rest of the week will probably include the crazy babbling that all *3* of the people that read my blog seem to enjoy.

Song of the Day: Sia - Breathe Me.

(No, that is not the actual music video, but it was a Youtube clip I could embed that had decent sound on it, and really, all I care about is the sound.)

From the first moment I heard this song I was in love with Sia. I'd been listening to Zero 7 for awhile and got a bug in my butt to find out who the voice behind my favorite tracks was (See: Zero 7-Destiny, also Distractions). Breathe Me was the first track listing I found online and I popped over to some odd url or other to give it a listen, and, oh my god, I was gone.

Piano and strings are already grabbing handfuls of your still beating heart before Sia rips into your soul with a single word: "Help." From there, I knew I was going to be listening to this song for the rest of my life. Loneliness drips off the track and you're knee deep 30 seconds in. The emotions, from lyrics and vocals, swell together until you think you're going to just burst into tears. (All of this I'm writing as "you" because writing it in first person makes me feel less manly than Liberace)

Hell, I don't know, maybe you won't like the song, maybe you're dead inside, but I can't get enough of it. Sia is my favorite singer. Hands down.

If you *do* enjoy the track, do yourself a favor, get more. Wanna listen so you're not going in blind?


  1. That song is beautiful. I think it's going to now be on my most depressing songs track. This is a HUGE honor. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. hahah had to comment again to share the word I just got, it was "poppilin" soo funny capcha

  3. Poppilin: When one is chillin' like Mary Poppins.

    And then I stole your word, thought of the funny, and posted it on Kristina's blog. I am the suck

  4. This is a great song. I'd love to hear more about your music. :)