Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BEDA 22: "GO JOE!" & Teardrop

Okay, I know I was going to write about something else today, but all of that got wiped out by the fact I can watch new G.I. Joe clips online.

"G.I. Joe?" You might ask, making me feel even older than normal.

Yes! G.I. freaking JOE! Warren Ellis, my favorite comic book writer, wrote the screenplay for a new series of more adult oriented Joe tales and they are being put up on Adult Swim as we speak. Saturday, at midnight, they are airing all the pieces together, with the final ten minute finale, as the full 60-minute movie. It's sort of along the lines of the Clone Wars series that Tartakovsky did awhile back, a series of 10 five minute clips and one 10 minute finale. People get shot with bullets and die, Cobra Commander tells his troops they will be with him and take over the world or oppose him and he will gut them like a fish, Snake Eyes slices and dices Cobra Troops LIKE A FREAKING NINJA (mostly of the gory stuff is off-screen, but you can still hear it), it's freaking awesome. It is *not* for little kiddies, but folks like me, who grew up on this stuff, and still occasionally scream things like "Co bra. CO-BRA!!!" at passersby, will probably love it.

Anyway, head over to Adult Swim if you want to check it out. As of today, the first 8 parts are online. I believe parts 9 and 10 will go up tomorrow and 11 will go up after the movie airs.

Well, either way, "Now you know" (say it with me, now) "and knowing is half the battle."

Song of the Day: G.I. Joe movie theme!

Seriously, though.

Song of the Day: Massive Attack - Teardrop

Many of you may know this song as the theme to House, but it's been one of my favorite songs for a decade now. I am a big fan of trip-hop and Massive Attack was the instigator of my trying to find out just what it was all about. Liz Fraser is the voice that you are now wishing you had. Don't deny it, hell, I'm a grown man and *I* want to be able to sing like Liz Fraser, so you don't have to hide from your jealousy and envy.

Also, this video is probably the creepiest damn video for something that I am in love with. So, feel free to ignore the video and just listen to music.

Once again, you want to hear more, just go over to the Last fm page for Massive Attack. Anything there is going to be good, but my viewpoint is a tad bit biased.

Anyway, that's all for today. I see Hayleyghoover has put up a new annoyances vid, so I'm gonna go watch that, episodes 7 & 8 of G.I. Joe, and pass the heck out.

Until Tomorrow,


  1. OK you should know that everyone in our little group knows G.I. Joe. I used to make them marry my barbies or my Jem and the Rockers dolls. O man those were the days. Aren't they making a G.I. Joe movie? I'm pretty sure I watched a preview for one with my brother, yes the same brother who I watched Crank with :P

  2. Of course I know G. I. Joe! I didn't know they were doing an animated-shorts series thing, but I'll check it out. Warren Ellis is incredible.

    Is it bad that I've never seen an episode of House? I feel like that takes my geek cred down a notch.

  3. Natalie: Yeah, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra comes out August 7th, I think. I'm excited to see it, but I'm fairly certain it's gonna be a hot mess, since it's directed by Stephen Sommers, of the Mummy series fame, and starring Channing Tatum, of Step Up movie fame. I know I'll probably have a good time, but, really, as long as some stuff blows up and I get a good fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, I'll be happy.

    Jessie: You should check out the animated shorts, it's pretty damn sweet, part 8 was the big fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, suh-weet. Looking forward to seeing the end of the series this weekend. As for House, you should definitely check it out. It's intelligent, entertaining, and funny. What more can you ask for?