Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BEDA 28: Sheesh, skip this one too

Almost midnight and I'm still awake and online. Finished doing the podcast and now we're just hanging out, talking comics, movies, and art. Yup, I'm back on the podcast again. I decided that I don't care what happens with my job and I need to be following my dreams.

Screw my life, I'm making comics.

Making comics is the only thing that I've wanted to do with my life and I just find it ridiculous that I'm letting anything get in my way. In this, the digital age, there is no reason I can't just be making books, popping stuff online, and sharing it with people, making the first steps I need to make my dreams a reality. I'm not allowing the excuses stop me anymore. I wanna be an artist, the only way to be one is to START FREAKING DRAWING!

I feel bad not having anything to say here recently, this last week of BEDA is me running around like a freak, working way too many hours and trying to take care of my life with the few hours left in the day. It's pathetic and I do apologize. I'm just burning out and it's hard to write about anything else when you are becoming mad from your job actually being your life.

Anyway, off to talk to my friends for a little longer before I pass out.

Until Tomorrow,


  1. I know and understand I've crapped out on BEDA so many times by simply posting those stupid meme's but it was still SOMETHING so I guess it counts. I'm happy you're going for your dream... What's the name of the podcast you're on and what's it about?

  2. Podcast is called Breaking the Panel and it's basically a podcast about making comic books from a few folks in various stages of getting in to the comic industry. The hosts are Tim Fischer, myself, and Adam Talley, with a few friends/pros who chime in about random stuff. It's fun for me, and the audience, of other comic fans/aspiring creators, seem to enjoy it, but I wouldn't recommend it for folks not into comics. Or, you know, folks in general...