Monday, April 6, 2009

BEDA 06: Furious! ...and fast!

It's 11 pm, far beyond my bedtime, but it's BEDA and I have to write every day of the month.

Tonight, I went with some friends to see Fast and Furious. It was about as good as expected Story, eh, but the action was *sigh* fast and furious. My main problem was trying *not* to drive like a psychopath on the way home.

Wow, this late at night, I am unable to even babble in an entertaining, semi-coherent manner.

Me like movies.
Sometimes, bad movies fun.
Tonight, good example.
Next week, Crank 2.

My friend, Larry, is still trying to talk me into going with them to see Dragonball: Evolution this weekend. Yeah, like I wanna blow 11 bucks to see a movie *THAT BLOWS!*

What's that, you say? Crank 2 is gonna be just as crappy as the Dragonball flick? Bah, two words: Jason Statham. That guy is disturbingly fun to watch, his movies are some of the most over the top, bizarre flicks to watch, but I always end up having a good time. I fully expect Crank 2 to be a mess, but it will be an entertaining mess, and that's all I'm really asking for. Make me feel like I got my moneys worth , that's it!

Okay, thoughts are not forming correctly. Fairly certain I'll be ashamed of anything further that I say, so we'll just stop there, shall we?

Till Next Time,

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