Thursday, April 23, 2009

BEDA 23: Anthony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

After today, there is only one week left of BEDA. Will I miss another day? Will I snap and start writing about tons of things you don't want to know about me? Will I actually make a vlog for one of these freaking days? Stay tuned to find out, get your front row seats to my inevitable mental breakdown!

Moving on.


Today was one of those days where you just spend most of it trying to convince yourself it's a bad idea to run home, pack up a few belongings, and just leave town.

I spent the first part of the day working, big surprise, before I had to come back home to deal with a ticket I got back in January. This ticket was for having expired plates on my car. Yes, this was my first ticket. No, I was not doing anything else that caused the officer to pull me over. I just happened to have a cop behind me at a stoplight, he noticed my tags, and it was sirens and a heart attack for me, since I had no idea the plates were expired and had no idea why I was being pulled over.

I got my tags renewed a few days later, when I got paid, and, after talking to a few friends about it, tried to call the court to see about getting it waived. This may not have been a good plan.

"No, I'm sorry. We haven't received your ticket yet. Call us in a week when we have it in the office to go over it with you."

One week later.
"No, I'm sorry. You're ticket still hasn't come in to our offices. If it is only that one infraction, then you *should* be able to come in once we've received it to get that cleared."
"It is just the one infraction. Why would I lie about that? I know you are going to be able to *look* at it once it gets there."
"Yes, well, some people lie about these things."
"Well, I'm not. I guess I'll just have to call back in a week."

This went on for about a month and a half, going back and forth with different people, explaining my situation again and again and again. I have no idea what continent-spanning journey my ticket went on, but I like to think it took a 13 Little Blue Envelopes tour of Europe and helped to make someones life better during it's travels. Anyway, I called back again at the end of March to try, once again, to get this resolved.

"I'm sorry, it's past the date when you needed to pay your fine."
"But... Someone in your office said to wait until it got there and then I could get it cleared by showing my proof of registration?"
"I'm sorry, sir, that's not really how that works. You'll just have to come down on the court date on your ticket to get everything paid/taken care of."

SO, I hung up, cursed until the paint peeled on my walls, and told my boss I would need to leave early on the 23rd, today, so I could deal with this whole ticket issue. Fast forward to today. I went in to work, as always, at 4:45 am, worked till 9, and took off to get down here, take a shower so I didn't feel funky going in to the Justice Center, and headed on down.

I arrived, did the security scan, and waited in line to check in. I explained my ticket and my story to the first clerk and was informed to go wait at a different window. So, I shuffled over to that line, waited about 45 min to speak to someone, and explained the whole thing again. Then I waited in a line to speak to the court clerks office. Then I waited at the next window, and so on, and so forth , FOR FOUR FREAKING HOURS!

Good news is, I did get my ticket cleared by showing my proof of registration to the clerk standing *next* to the first clerk I talked to. She wondered why I had been there so long, I tried not to explode, you know, since she was actually so helpful. Then I headed over to get some food with a friend, Mike, nearby.

We watched a movie, Bangkok Dangerous (eh), and I headed for home. Once home, I was greeted by a call from my Grandmother telling me my cousin had gotten into an accident , wrecked his car, had a concussion, stitches in his head, and might have fractured his hip and/or ruptured something, but she wasn't sure exactly what. So, now, I'm trying to just relax and let that all go, because I still have to go to sleep in 30 or so minutes so I have the energy to deal with working a 12 hour day tomorrow to make up the hours I missed today.

So, road trip anyone?

Also, yes, I know this day doesn't qualify as actually being that horrifically bad, it doesn't even make my top ten, I just thought of the title and had to use it.

Song of the Day: Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

I love the song. I love the video. Enjoy.

Sorry, I no longer have the mental capability to properly talk about music right now.

Until Tomorrow,

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